Thursday, January 27, 2022

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K-Electric Ensured Sustained Power Supply to the City During 2nd Spell of Winter Rain

As Karachi continued to receive light to moderate rain with different intervals on Wednesday and Thursday, K-Electric ensured sustained power supply to the city during the 2nd spell of the winter rain...

Improvement made in Consumer Grievances Handling Mechanism by SBP

In today’s age, one of the challenge faced by banking system is to ensure fair treatment of consumers. In this regard, financial consumer protection is amongst the top policy objectives pursued by central...

20,000 Afghans waiting to be allowed into Germany

The German Interior Ministry announced that about 20,000 Afghans are waiting to be allowed into Germany, most of them are human rights activists, artists, scientists, journalists, and other people the German government...

Pakistan records 32 % growth in exports to Canada

Pakistan’s bilateral and political relations with Canada are healthy and cordial which are impacting positively on our bilateral trade relations which have seen a healthy 32 per cent growth in our exports...

NEPRA to Conduct Public Hearing for K-Electric’s Petition on Monthly & Quarterly Fuel Adjustment Charges Today

NEPRA will conduct a public hearing today to discuss the petition submitted by K-Electric on Fuel Adjustment Charges (FCA) for the month of November 2021 and Quarterly Adjustments for the period July...

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