Thursday, December 2, 2021

14-year old Florida boy brutally beaten on wearing MAGA HAT


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14- year old boy brutally beaten on wearing MAGA HAT. It appears that political differences have blinded some, lost their senses, and made them unable to distinguish between a small and an adult, or between a child and a sane man, which was demonstrated in a video spread on social networking sites, for a young child being beaten in a school bus, for wearing a MAGA HAT that supports the incumbent American President.

The accident happened several days ago in Hamilton County, Florida, and the video first appeared on Thursday after the boy’s family retained the lawyer for possible legal action.

The child Tyler was hospitalized with headaches, according to his mother, a Trump supporter, and the lawyer has verified that the accident occurred on a school bus.

The boy’s mother made it clear on Twitter that she believed the attackers were driven by the Trump 2020 campaign hat her son had previously worn at school.

During the assault

She added that the boy stopped wearing the hat because of the harassment, but bullying continued, and the mother wrote: “To be clear, my son bought a MAGA HAT with his own money in the flea market a few weeks ago”.

Child abused

He was proud to wear a hat. But because of the immediate bullying he removed it and did not wear it back to school, and unfortunately the damage actually occurred and it is now a target. ”

Tyler’s mother says she believes the attack was motivated by racism. Tyler is white, and the attackers appear to be black. This is insane behavior if a supporter wear MAGA HAT.

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