Sunday, January 16, 2022

20 Russian tourists injured in road accident in Dominican Republic


Robert Frank
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The Russian embassy in Venezuela said that a bus carrying 41 Russian tourists had an accident on their way to the airport of the Dominican Republic, stressing that there were no deaths among them, according to the network “Russia Today” news agency quoted the Russian news agency TASS.

There were conflicting figures on the Russian media about the incident, where the Russian agency Sputnik published other statistics, and the Russian agency said that at least 20 Russian tourists were injured when a bus carrying about 60 Russian tourists collided with a truck, on the highway in the Dominican Republic.

According to the newspaper Diario Libre, The accident happened after 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, at the Autovía del Coral, at the height of Jobo Dulce, at the entrance of Higuey , when the bus dropped the “cardan”, a piece that holds the tires on the back, which caused the driver to lose control and collide with the truck, while the bus was heading to the airport, and the newspaper pointed out that the 18 victims included children, while not mentioning the deaths.

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