Actor Alec Baldwin Call Donald Trump Punishment for American Sin

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin said on Twitter that the appearance of President Donald Trump was a punishment for the sins of the United States in the past, including slavery and massacres of Native American tribes.

“Trump is a curse, bringing us punishment for our 4 sins. The slaughter of Native American tribes, slavery, captivity of Japanese people, Vietnam,” Baldwin wrote.

“Every hatred, misogyny, racism, which permeates our character, Trump represents it all. He is us. Now we can deal with it + drive him away,” continued Baldwin.

Baldwin himself plays Trump in a parody on the Saturday Night Live.

Regarding his role as Trump, Baldwin found himself in another reality where he was no longer president, and everyone got better.

Trump then expressed his disapproval of the parody and said it must be processed in court.

Trump denounced NBC and Saturday Night Live as Democrats and would sue for defamation.

Donald Trump has been a favorite subject of the comedy show played by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live, and the life of his presidency has proven to be quite entertaining in this program.

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