Thursday, May 26, 2022

Adviser: Trump will not resort to federal authorities to reinforce the National Guard in the face of protests


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Robert O’Brien, the US National Security Adviser, said today, Sunday, that the administration of US President Donald Trump will not use its federal authority to strengthen the National Guard at the present time, as protests continue in several American cities against the killing of a defenseless black man in Minneapolis, whom the police had reserved for last week.

O’Brien told reporters at the White House, “We are not going to unify the (national) Guards at this time, but if necessary, we have additional military forces that can be sent … if state governors and mayors need them and conditions get out of their control.” Adding that law enforcement decisions must be made by state governors and mayors.

He continued, “We will provide everything that state governors and mayors need to maintain control of their cities.

Unrest broke out over the past days after the death of George Floyd, the black man who appeared in a video clip in Minneapolis suffering from difficulty breathing while a white policeman kneeling on his neck.

In a statement on Sunday, the National Guard said that 5,000 of its soldiers and air force personnel have been mobilized in 15 states and in the capital, Washington, but “law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels are still responsible for enforcing security.

The statement said that 2,000 other members of the National Guard forces are ready to be alerted when needed.

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