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American boxer Gervonta Davis assaulted a woman in basketball match


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The American boxer, Gervonta Davis, the lightweight world champion, stormed the stands during a charity basketball match in Miami, USA, and assaulted a woman sitting in the stands, grabbed her from the neck and pulled her violently out of the field.

This clip, which spread through social networking sites, caused angry reactions among the pioneers of communication sites, especially among American basketball fans who rejected the player’s behavior and considered it a violation of the rules and regulations and pledged to file complaints against him before sports federations, whether basketball or boxing

? Footage has appeared of Gervonta Davis gripping a girl by the neck and dragging her away.

Russia Today website reported that Gervonta Davis, 25, confessed to the incident, revealing the identity of the woman who was beaten, through a post through the “Al-Asturi” feature in his account on “Instagram”, in which he wrote: “I have never been used to it, she is a mother My child … I confess that I was fierce in dealing with her, and I instructed her to leave the stands during the match, but in the end she did not get any ill. ”

American media reported that this is not the only incident in which Davis was involved. He was previously accused of being involved in several fights, including assaulting a child with his head in 2017, and his involvement in several fights in the US state of Virginia in 2018.

The player confessed to the incident, revealing the identity of the battered woman.

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