Wednesday, July 6, 2022

American hospital uses drone to transport blood samples


Zubair Yaqoob
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North Carolina Hospital began using drones to carry blood samples through the university campus, a service launched on Tuesday in the latest step to expand its role in business and healthcare.

This is the first time that the Federal Aviation Administration has allowed regular commercial flights of unmanned drones with products, according to UPS and Matternet UAV, which participated in the program, while Bala Ganesh, deputy “This is a turning point, it is a historic moment because this is the first use by the Federal Aviation Administration of an unmanned aircraft for income-generating flights,” the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement on Wednesday. Monday they did not allow in the past to Unmanned airplanes to deliver routine commercial shipments known as revenue flights.

“WakeMed will begin transferring medical specimens to patients a third of a mile (0.5 km) from a medical park to the main hospital building for at least six laboratory tests five days a week, and blood bottles or other samples will be loaded into the hospital’s main building. A safe box will be transported to an unmanned launch platform, where it will be installed on the aircraft and transported to another building.

He said the flights would technically be seen by operators at either end of the road and were authorized to fly over people. The aim was to reduce the time taken to transport time-sensitive samples, usually on the ground. The experts say that this announcement does not mean that routine physical tests this year or next year will include unmanned aerial vehicles heading to the office of your internal medicine specialist to speed up the results of cholesterol.

Raptopoulos said the North Carolina program could expand to include the long roads between WakeMed and Raleigh in the coming months. He also said that flights of medical specimens could start in a hospital or two other hospitals in other cities later in 2019.

North Carolina is one of nine sites involved in the FAA pilot program to accelerate the integration of UAVs for new uses ranging from facility inspections to insurance claims. Test sites have the opportunity to experiment with new innovations while working closely with federal regulators responsible for aircraft Pilot.

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