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Another child dies in the care of U.S border guards


Zubair Yaqoob
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Within a month, a second Guatemalan child died after being arrested by US border authorities. The Seven-year-old girl had died in the Wee hours of Tuesday in Alamogordo in the US states border. The cause of death is not yet known. The case is being investigated, the authorities in Guatemala informed.

Details gathered as the child was taken to a hospital on Monday after signs of illness were noted. First, it was assumed that a cold and have dismissed the child again. On Monday evening, the girl had been hospitalized again when condition had worsened. She died shortly after midnight.

A tragedy on the Mexican-American border shakes the US. A seven-year-old girl fled Guatemala and illegally immigrated to the United States with her father and some 160 other migrants. Authorities seized the group at the border and detained them. Soon after, the girl died of dehydration, according to the reports. Now allegations are being made that the US border police are not providing meal to the detained migrants at the border.

According to the Mexican media, as many as 160 migrants arrived at the Mexican-American border on December 6, including the seven-year-old and her father. The US border police CBP had taken the group into custody. According to a report by the officials, the seven-year-old had a high-fever about eight hours later, apparently because “she had not eaten or drank for few days,” as the media quotes Border Guard.

She was then taken by helicopter to a hospital in El Paso (Texas). There, she had suffered a cardiac arrest and was “promptly reanimated,” said CBP on. But only a few hours later, the girl had died. According to the Border Guard, the cause of death was a septic shock caused by fever and dehydration, according to attending physicians.

After the tragic incident reports, Border Guard spokesman Andrew Meehan justified himself. “Our sincere condolences go to the child’s family,” he emphasized. “Border guards have done everything in their power to save the child’s life. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, the loss of the child moves us, “Meehan told the media.

Actually, water and food were distributed by the CBP at the border, the spokesman said. But whether the girl would have received appropriate treatment, had not been completely resolved by Wednesday.

The human rights organization ACLU, accuses the border police of being responsible for the girl’s death. At CBP, there is “a lack of accountability and a culture of cruelty,” the media quoted the organization. ACLU is now demanding extensive investigations to bring to light the exact circumstances surrounding the death of the seven-year-old.

The Border Guard, responded to this demand and now investigation has begun “the incident to ensure that rules have been properly followed,” as the CPD said. But to the exact circumstances of death, the authority does not yet – allegedly to ensure patient protection.

More information could follow the official autopsy report. According to the border guards, however, this would only be available in a few weeks.

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