Monday, May 16, 2022

Biden to travel Iowa by bus to rally support for his presidential candidacy


Robert Frank
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Possible Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will travel the Iowa state by bus for eight days starting on Saturday on his longest campaign trail to try to rally voter support personally in an important state where his popularity has plummeted in the polls.

Biden, who served as former vice president Barack Obama, is seeking the party’s nomination to face Republican President Donald Trump in a presidential election in November 2020, but faces a huge number of contenders for the nomination, many of whom have better-funded campaigns.

Iowa is the first state in which the primary will be held on Feb. 3, and thus is a key test of the candidates’ position. Tom Vilsack, former state governor and United States Secretary of Agriculture, said many Democrats in the state were undecided on the candidates.

“Ultimately, they will look for a figure who understands the way to move the country forward in a realistic and progressive manner as well”, said Vilsack, who announced his support for Biden this month.

Opinion polls show Biden leading by more than 10 points in the state. He is a leading candidate in the US-wide poll.

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