Friday, July 1, 2022

Biden’s inauguration ceremony: Security on high alert in the American capital


Robert Frank
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The American capital has been in a state of security alert and tightening precautionary measures, with the approaching hour of the officially elected president of the country, Joe Biden, to assume office to be the de facto president of the United States.

The FBI announced the arrest of 110 Americans in connection with the investigations into the storming of the Capitol and calling for violence, and the Department of Homeland Security announced a state of complete alert among the police, which received orders in the early hours of this morning to summon additional numbers. From the states of Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Houston; To support the Police and National Guard, which has been pushed into Washington, DC, to secure the inauguration of the new US president.

Sources in the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that 130 security surveillance aircraft are participating in securing the skies over the US capital, Washington, before, during, and after the ceremony to hand over power to the new US president.

The US Air Force also transported seven thousand policemen from different states to Washington during the past two days, until the early hours of this morning. To enhance the presence of civilian police forces in the vicinity of the Capitol Building and the streets leading to it, and the rest of the American capital.

It should be noted that 25,000 US National Guard forces had been deployed in Washington DC since January 6, when Trump supporters stormed the US Congress headquarters (the Capitol), and the police

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