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Cybertruck: Elon Musk jubilates with 146K pre-orders


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Tesla Cybertruck: The “bulletproof glass” of cyber-printing does not seem to be worth its money. Nevertheless, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces that almost 146,000 people have already ordered the pickup.

The American automaker Tesla has received 146,000 pre-orders for its battery-powered electric pick-up truck , according to its chief Elon Musk . The orders were received, without the group advertisement switched, so Musk. Cybertruck has a very futuristic design and should cost $39,900 in the simplest version. Tesla wants to start production of the vehicle at the end of 2021.

The high number of pre-orders surprised, because when Musk presented the pick-up on Thursday in front of numerous people on the big stage to the public, went one thing mightily wrong.

The pickup that resembles a military vehicle should be particularly robust. For the body, which is made of extra hard stainless steel, this seems to be true. At least there was no discernible dent, after Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen hit the car door with a sledgehammer.

Tesla bulletproof glass turned out to be a spectacular flop. In the video you can see how the first window splits on a broad front after Holzhausen threw a metal ball against it. Musk looked startled, and the Tesla officials ventured a second attempt: But the second window did not work better, the “bulletproof glass” also showed considerable cracks after contact with the metal ball. Musk was puzzled: in tests you have thrown everything on the glass, up to a kitchen sink, “strange that it is now broken, I do not know why.”

The fans seem less bothered. Otherwise, the high number of pre-orders can not be explained. However, a pre-order costs only $100. In this respect, the pre-orders should not be equated with actual purchases.

The car will be available later in three variants to buy. As Musk tweets, 17 percent of pre-orders would have chosen the car with just an electric motor and rear-wheel drive. This version should have a range of about 400 kilometers. 42 percent ordered the car in the middle price range, so with two electric motors and four-wheel drive.

The most expensive variant with three electric motors and four-wheel drive has a range of 800 kilometers. Electric pick-up should be able to transport more than 1.7 tonnes of weight in the back of the truck and, in the most expensive variant, accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour within 2.9 seconds.

With the Cybertruck, Tesla is expanding its product range and entering the high-growth segment of pick-ups. These have been among the best-selling cars in America for years and bring much revenue to American automakers Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. This is the market to be tackled if we want to make the transition to electromobility, stressed Musk.

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