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Debate over a potential impeachment trial against Donald Trump has picked up


Zubair Yaqoob
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The debate over a potential impeachment trial against US President Donald Trump has picked up. The Democrats’ front woman, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wanted to speak on Tuesday afternoon (local time) on how to go ahead, as several American media reported. It was eagerly awaited whether Pelosi could speak up for such a procedure and possibly announce concrete steps. Trump announced that on Wednesday documents will be made public for their own discharge.

For days, allegations against Donald Trump worry about vortex in Washington. Accordingly, he would be the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in a phone call in July, have repeatedly called for investigations that could harm Democratic presidential candidate Biden. In return, Trump should have given the Ukrainian an inappropriate “promise”, the contents of which, however, nothing is known. The US media reported that Trump personally ordered that it would not pay out aid of about $400 million pledged to Ukraine.

Democrats see the incident as attempting to influence 2020 presidential election with the help of a foreign government and potential abuse of office. Trump has repeatedly rejected the allegations against him. He spoke on Tuesday in New York about a ridiculous witch hunt. He also stated that he had approved the publication of the transcript of the contentious telephone conversation. The public will then see “that it was a very friendly and absolutely proper conversation”, Trump tweeted.

In the wake of the Ukraine allegations, the Democratic parliamentarians spoke for impeachment. The Democrats have a majority of 235 of the 435 votes in the House of Representatives. Pelosi has been very skeptical about impeachment proceedings so far. In the past, she repeatedly referred to the high hurdles and associated risks. With the new charges against Trump, however, the pressure on Pelosi increased significantly to change course.

Impeachment could be brought with the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives. However, the decision to actually impeach is in the Senate, where  Republicans have the majority. The chances of success of such a procedure are therefore limited.

The risk for the Democrats is not insignificant. If the Republicans failed to do so with their majority in the Senate before the election next year, that would give the Democrats a serious bankruptcy in the middle of the election campaign, while Donald Trump could boast the largest possible “acquittal” by Congress.

The allegations against Trump had broken their tracks when it became known that an intelligence officer had appealed to an internal control panel about the confidential phone call. Content of the complaint is under lock and key. Democratic commission chairman Adam Schiff said Tuesday on Twitter that the intelligence official was ready to testify before the panel, and this could happen later this week.

Three Democratic-led committees in the House of Representatives again called on the White House Tuesday, for documents on the Ukraine complex and gave the government until Thursday time to comply with the request.

Trump vehemently resisted the allegations. He said in New York that he had not put pressure on Zelensky. When the aid was withheld, he wanted to see if other states such as Germany and France could pay more.

Trump admitted that there had been pressure on Biden. “They got pressure on Joe Biden, what Joe Biden did for his son is something they should consider”, said Trump. He accuses Biden of putting pressure on Ukraine as Vice President to prevent corruption investigations against his son Hunter Biden, a businessman. Biden has rejected the allegations.

The aid for Kiev has now flowed, to possible investigations against Biden is not known. Donald Trump will meet Zelensky on Wednesday at the edge of the UN General Assembly in New York.

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