Democrat: Trump may start a war on Iran to evade isolation

Rep. Frederica Wilson, a US Democrat, believes the president Donald Trump could launch a war against Iran simply because he wants to avoid being removed from office..

Russia’s network reported on Wednesday quoting a newspaper The Hill “I think the president of the United States is now close to push the war without the approval of Congress, because he is afraid to be isolated, and we all know that our people will oppose the removal of the president in case of war.“she said.

“If he sees that the threat of isolation becomes imminent and that the people support this step, they will be involved in the war” Frederica said.

Trump’s removal from office has been the subject of considerable debate in the Democratic camp of the House of Representatives, with some members calling for concrete efforts to isolate him, while others suggest focusing on ensuring Trump’s defeat in the presidential election in 2020.

It is noteworthy that the discussions on this subject did not end after the publication of the report of Robert Mueller, on the file, “Russian intervention” alleged, which concluded that the Trump campaign did not coordinate its steps with Moscow on the doors of the elections in 2016, which lost the opponents of the current president argument strong to favor his isolation.

The Democrats can not isolate Trump on their own, but will need to do so to support a large part of the Republican deputies, which is not currently possible.

The United States recently sent a group of warships led by the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, accompanied by bombers B-52, to the Gulf region, on the pretext of the existence of “Iranian threats” to US forces and their allies.

Although Trump recently said he did not want to go to war with Iran, he said more than once that the United States would not hesitate to respond “with great force” to any action against it by Tehran.

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