Friday, December 3, 2021

Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot boxes


Zubair Yaqoob
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The Democrats have done an important service to the country. The prospect of the American president Donald Trump for re-election will not deteriorate as a result of the impeachment procedure.

The impeachment procedure that was formally launched against President Trump this week from a purely (election) tactical perspective. Many commentators do that. The story then goes like this: The Democrats have already lost the battle. They failed to convince large sections of the American public that Trump had done something in the Ukraine affair that would justify his removal from the White House.

“Democrats have done an important service to the country, but they can’t beat Trump at the ballot boxes”

Large number of voters are not convinced, so the Republicans can easily dismiss the Senate procedure with their majority. You do not have to fear that you will be punished for this in the November congressional elections, on the contrary.

Ballot box

The Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot boxes, they try impeachment. This flaw will attach not only to the congressmen who decided on the procedure, but also Trump’s challenger, whether it will end up being Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or anyone else.

Large number of voters are not convinced, but they honor the American principle “nobody is above the law”

All democratic applicants supported the process. In short, the Democrats shot themselves in the foot. The process does not make Trump’s prospects worse, maybe even better.

This view is realistic. But does it also go to the heart of the matter? Is the third impeachment process in the history of the United States just about how to beat Trump? No, the process is much more important. This is shown by looking at the facts about which there can be no serious doubt after the hearings in the House of Representatives.

What would be the world if the House of Representatives hadn’t acted? Then the principle would be established that a president can do whatever he wants. Even if he is caught doing wrong, he would not have to face the consequences.

It is doubtful that the procedure provided by the American constitution is capable of clarifying the matter as convincingly as would be possible before a court. But if Parliament had foregone holding the president accountable from the outset, America’s democracy would really be at risk. The value of the Trump case is that it takes place at all, even if he is most likely acquitted in the end to set an example that nobody is above the law.

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