Sunday, August 1, 2021

Donald Trump: Trade war with China will be short


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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US President Donald Trump has said he believes that the trade war with Beijing will be rather short, China wants a trade deal with the United States.

“I think we are having very good discussions with China. They very much want an agreement,” Trump told reporters on Thursday.

Trump said he was scheduled to make a phone call soon with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but gave no date.


“I think the longer it gets, the stronger we are,” Trump said of the trade war. “I have a feeling it will be a bit short.”

China vowed on Thursday to tackle the latest US customs duties on Chinese goods worth $ 300 billion, but called on the United States to meet halfway to reach a possible trade deal.

Trump said he did not think Beijing would avenge the new US tariffs.

US and Chinese trade negotiators are due to meet next month in Washington, although no exact date has been announced.

“The September meeting is still as far as I know, but I think the most important thing of September is that we’re talking by phone and having very constructive talks,” Trump said.

He said US and Chinese officials had a very good conversation a few days ago.

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