Donald Trump’s wealth jumps to $ 3 billion

Donald Trump's wealth rises to $ 3 billion

The wealth of US President Donald Trump has increased by 5 percent from last year to $ 3 billion, according to a report published by Sky News. “He is driven by the big jump in the value of the” office deal ” of its implementation “.

Sky News reported that the increase in Trump’s wealth came after two years of decline and returned its net worth to the levels of 2016, according to figures compiled by the Bloomberg Index of billionaires from lenders, real estate registrations, securities deposits, market data and disclosure Financial.

Sky News reported that the increase in the US president’s wealth came despite the setbacks in his family business, including the cancellation of two new hotels from his hotel chain, the downsizing of the resort in Mar a Lago in Florida and seven golf courses.

“Trump’s highest net worth shows his wealth dependence on his friend, who leads the Vornado Real Estate Trust, Stephen Roth. Trump’s share is 30 percent in two important properties, one in central Manhattan and the other in an office complex known as the Center Bank of America in San Francisco, a quarter of Trump’s wealth. ”

According to Sky News, after deducting $ 550 million in loans, Trump’s wealth increased to $ 3 billion, up $ 200 million from the previous year, and the acceptance of the deal with Vornado proved profitable. Last year, Trump’s share in the two companies rose to $ 765 million, up 33 percent from the previous year, thanks to lower office capitalization rates and higher net income.

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