Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Gallup Poll: Trump, Obama tied as the most admired man in the United States


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President Donald Trump tops the most admired man in the United States for the first time in Gallup’s annual poll, tied to former President Barack Obama, who has been in that position for 12 years.

Both figures gained 18 percent of the vote.

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, was voted the most admired woman for the second year, with First Lady Melania Trump in second.

Gallup has been reviewing the views of the US people every year since 1948 to determine the most admired men and women in open surveys, with respondents having the choice of choosing anyone in the world.

Eleven of the respondents named their relatives or friends in 2019. Still, no reaction from Trump.

Trump, who likes to use Twitter and referred to his vote of respect and honor, was named TIME as a 2016 figure and criticized the magazine for naming young activist Greta Thunberg.

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Trump is also critical of Obama and accuses him of directing his campaign to spy on and abolish most of Obama’s initiatives.

Gallup described Trump’s leap to the top as a 45 percent support, the best he has gained as president.

Other figures on the list are former president Jimmy Carter; Tesla founder Elon Musk; Microsoft founders Bill Gates, Pope Francis, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Adam Schiff led the Trump administration, Tibetan leaders, the Dalai Lama and Warren Buffet.

While the list of most admired women included talk show host, Oprah Winfrey; former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Thunberg and Queen Elizabeth.

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