Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Harris promised to end Trump’s policies on asylum restrictions and ensure immigrant dignity


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Democratic candidate for US Vice President Kamala Harris promised to work with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to put an end to the policies adopted by Republican President Donald Trump to impose restrictions on the right to asylum.

In an interview with EFE, Harris said: “The Biden and Harris administration will protect our borders, while ensuring immigrants’ dignity and defending their legal right to seek asylum.

In this way, the Democratic leader pledged to end the “Stay in Mexico” program, officially known as the “Immigrant Protection Protocols,” which forced tens of thousands of immigrants from Central America and other countries to wait on Mexican soil, pending the processing of their asylum applications to the United States.

It also promised to cancel the asylum cooperation agreements that Trump signed with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, allowing the United States to deport refugees who arrived on its territory and did not apply for asylum, to the first country they entered upon leaving their homeland.

These policies were subjected to severe criticism by human rights organizations such as “Human Rights Watch”, which called on Washington to abide by its international obligations and not abandon immigrants and refugees, who in some cases were subjected to kidnapping and extortion by criminal groups.

A fair and humane immigration system.

Harris confirmed that Biden, who was former Vice President of President Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017, “knows that immigration is a source of strength for the country,” and if he reaches the White House, he will accomplish the task of building a fair and humane immigration system.

She and Biden would “enforce” the laws as well, but “without violating the right” of migrants to “due process or destroy their families” by separating them from their families, she said.

And he continued: “In every step, Donald Trump used immigrants as a scapegoat and demonized them, by separating parents from their children, and wasting taxpayer resources on ineffective and inhumane solutions, turning his back on the American dream.”

In this regard, the democracy referred to press reports published last week that revealed the separation of 545 migrant children from their parents, what it described as a “terrible act.”

The policy, dubbed “zero tolerance,” was formally implemented between April and June 2018 although immigrant rights groups say it was extended by several months.

Under this policy, the Trump administration separated about 2,500 minors from their parents and began trying adults who arrived illegally in the country on criminal charges.

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