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High-ranking Mexican diplomat accused of book theft in Argentina, summoned back to the country


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Mexico on Monday summoned its ambassador to Argentina, Oscar Valero Becerra, after a video circulating suggesting that the Mexican diplomat proceeded to steal a book from a library in Buenos Aires.

A high-ranking diplomat was going to commit a robbery? The price of the copy was four euros his salary of 6,000.

Media reported that the Mexican diplomat will be subject to investigations before the disciplinary committee of the Government of Mexico upon his return to his country.

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, said that the ambassador will be dismissed if the charge proved against him, stressed that he does not tolerate breach of trust.

The Mexican President, Lopez Obrador, had expressed his regret for the ambassador’s appearance, calling – nonetheless – the need not rush to deliver judgments.

Obrador backed the ambassador in Argentina, Ricardo Valero, accused of stealing a book in a bookstore in Buenos Aires, and summoned back to explain the incident that could end at his destination.

The 74-year-old Mexican diplomat was the founder of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD, center-left) in 1988, after being an ambassador for the peace process in Central America promoted in the 1980s by the Contadora Group (Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Mexico) and ambassador to Chile (2001-2004).

Obrador said that “we all make mistakes, I don’t know who can say that he doesn’t make mistakes, or where perfection is, maybe in nature or the creator, because we are human beings”. The Mexican diplomat was held in the bookstore until the police arrived, but he was released for diplomatic immunity.

Meanwhile, and although it is not yet confirmed, Evo Morales could travel to Argentina for the inauguration of Fernandez today, and from the Southern country, try to return to his country as campaign manager. Both combinations are unlikely as it would be stopped upon arrival in Bolivia. In any case, the Mexico-Argentina connection is getting closer, to start “the diplomatic balances” for the new president Alberto Fernandez.

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