Thursday, October 28, 2021

Impeachment: Tussle between Democrats and the White House intensified


Sajid Aziz
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The Democrats wanted to speed up the preliminary investigations for the impeachment. They accuse Trump of abusing his office by asking foreign governments for help in his election campaign. On Friday, the Democrats also published text messages from the survey of former Ukraine Special Representative Kurt Volker, which substantiate these allegations.

Earlier this evening, CNN reported that the Foreign Ministry had missed the deadline. An employee of the Foreign Affairs Committee said that they were in contact with the ministry and still hope for full cooperation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t rule out a full House vote on the impeachment inquiry even though Democratic leadership aides say, per House rules, it isn’t necessary to start the inquiry, CNN reported.

A subpoena is a request for information with a threat of execution. Although the Congress is not a law enforcement agency, both chambers have different means of coercion. In order to use them, the House of Representatives would normally have to initiate a formal procedure for disrespect, if someone refuses to cooperate. This requires a simple majority in the committee that has requested the documents or testimony.

The politicians last went on subpoena in 1927. In the current scenario, the order could be enforced by the law enforcers. The House of Representatives could also choose another option and ask the federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia to bring charges against uncooperative witnesses.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said last week that it could be considered as a hindrance to the investigations in impeachment, if the government continues to refuse cooperation.

In a letter to the Vice President Mike Pence, the Democrats asked him to voluntarily hand over documents of the meeting, or they might send him a subpoena.

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