Monday, October 25, 2021

Impeachment Vote: Democrats on the double to chase Donald Trump


Hailey Warner
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The US House of Representatives has supported a formal decision to investigate possible impeachment of President Donald Trump. The congressional chamber voted Thursday on 232 votes against 196 for a resolution that sets rules for further investigation. In the Chamber, the Democrats are in the majority. However, this is not a vote on the formal opening of an “impeachment” procedure. This will only take place after the conclusion of the investigation – if from the point of view of the MPs there is enough evidence of a serious misconduct by Trump.

Instead, the resolution proposed by the Democrats’ majority should formalize the parliamentary inquiry. The first congressional chamber has been preparing for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump for weeks because of allegations of abuse of the office.

This is not a vote on formal opening of impeachment procedure against Donald Trump

Since late September, under the auspices of the Intelligence Committee, non-public evidence has been taken. Now there will be public hearings under the supervision of the Legal Affairs Committee. The plan is to have the “Articles of Impeachment” by the committee by Christmas . Then, in a second plenary vote, MPs have to decide whether to sue for the case and Donald Trump is being tried in the Senate.

The resolution on Thursday responded Nancy Pelosi , the “spokeswoman” of the House of Representatives, also on the reproach of Republicans, the impeachment investigations are illegitimate, since the Congress chamber has not mandated this. Pelosi had always pointed out that such a vote was constitutionally not required. Republicans voted against the case despite the resolution being introduced. They criticized that they did not have the same investigative rights as the majority party.

Republicans criticized that they did not have the same investigative rights as the majority party

As expected, MPs decided to summon former National Security Advisor John Bolton,  received a letter from two other White House staff asking him to volunteer for a congressional hearing. The Democrats initially waived to issue summon under penalty “Subpoena”. The lawyer of former National Security Advisor, however, said Bolton was unwilling to volunteer. His lawyer did not comment further.

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