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Impeachment vote: House of Representatives vehemently shakes Trump


Zubair Yaqoob
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In a historic vote, most House of Representatives voted to initiate impeachment vote against American President Donald Trump. With 230 to 197 votes, the chamber voted for Trump to answer for abuse of power in the Senate. The second charge – interference with the Congressional investigation – was adopted in a second vote with 229 votes to 198.

Democrats and Republicans previously had a violent exchange of blows for more than eleven hours. At the six-hour debate in the Congress Chamber, the Democrats defended the planned impeachment vote on Wednesday as their duty to protect the constitution. The Republicans, on the other hand, spoke of a purely party political campaign.

Trump was furious to speak up on Twitter after giving free rein to his anger in a long letter to House Democratic chairwoman Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans had previously delayed deliberations at the crucial session of the Chamber of Congress with motions and procedural steps.

Pelosi opened the nationwide television debate with an appeal to the consciences of MPs and defended the planned opening of impeachment vote. The MPs swore to protect the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. “If we don’t act now, we will give up our duty,” she warned. “He didn’t give us a choice.”

Impeachment vote: With 230 to 197 votes, the chamber voted for Trump to answer for abuse of power in the Senate. The second charge – interference with the Congressional investigation – was adopted in a second vote with 229 votes to 198

Justice Committee chairman Democrat Jerry Nadler said: “We don’t hate President Trump. But we know that President Trump will continue to threaten the nation’s security, democracy, and constitutional system if he is allowed to remain in office.

This threat is not hypothetical. ” The senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins, accused the Democrats of only attempting the process because they could not beat Trump in the elections. “You don’t care about the facts,” he complained. Other Republicans accused the Democrats of possessing them, calling them deeply unfair.

“An attack on America”

The US President Donald Trump appeared at an election campaign event during a vote in the House of Representatives against impeachment. Trump was celebrated by thousands of spectators in Battle Creek, Michigan when he entered the arena on Wednesday evening – about 800 kilometers from Washington as the crow flies.

Trump applauded and cheered his supporters, saying it doesn’t feel like impeaching him. “We haven’t done anything wrong, and we have tremendous support in the Republican Party.”

The White House previously said that Trump worked all day and would only watch parts of the process. During the ongoing debate, however, Trump himself made an angry tweet. In it, he wrote – all in capital letters – that the Democrats spread “cruel lies”. This is “an attack on America”.

Shortly before the meeting in Congress, Trump had released steam in an angry letter to Pelosi on Tuesday. In the six-page letter, he made serious allegations against the Democratic front woman and her party. “By continuing with your invalid impeachment, you are violating your oath of office, breaking your allegiance to the constitution, and openly declaring war on American democracy”, the White House letter said. The accusations are “worthless”, “devoid of purpose”, “grotesque”. The Democrats’ approach was “nothing more than an illegal, partisan attempt to overthrow”.

Despite the current efforts of the Democrats, Trump is not threatened with an early exit from the White House: the actual impeachment process is expected to take place in January in the Senate, which will then take on the role of a court – and Trumps Republicans have the majority in this Congress Chamber. At least 20 of them would have to side with the Democrats to achieve the two-thirds majority of 67 senators needed for impeachment. That is not in sight.

Nevertheless, the procedure to date is a gigantic flaw in Trump’s presidency: Trump is only the third president in American history to face a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives. The extent to which Trump is overwhelmed was made clear by the letter of anger to Pelosi, which the President claims to have written “for historiography” and which the addressee called “really sick”.

The Democrats accuse Trump of urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Trump’s political rival Joe Biden in order to influence the 2020 presidential election in his favor. They see it as proven that Trump has made a meeting with Zelensky in the White House and the release of military aid for Ukraine dependent on the announcement of such investigations. When that came out, Trump did everything he could to block the Congressional investigation.

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