Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ivanka Trump awaits countdown to the New Year at a giant watch


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Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, posted a voice through her account on “Instagram”, leaving her a big and huge hour, and commented: “The countdown to the new year and the decade.”

Preparations have started all over the world, and the most famous tourist cities are the countdowns to the new year, and even the countdowns to the end of the second decade of this millennium. The moments are of special importance to many.

Ivanka has said that her stay in Washington and her commitment to the administrative part of the White House if her father is re-elected in 2020 will be determined according to what is best for her children, according to what was published by the CNN network, adding in an interview with the CBS channel when asked about her future in the White House and the capital, Her continued presence in Washington depends on the best choice for her children, where priority comes to them, indicating that her decisions will be flexible enough to ensure that their needs and interests are taken into consideration first.


Ivanka and her husband bought a home in Washington DC after her father won the 2016 presidential elections, moved her residence from New York to the capital in January 2017, and took over as White House advisor in March, causing her criticism for her lack of experience in government work.

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The files that work on include women’s economic empowerment, working family issues, workforce development and the promotion of science and technology education, as well as combating human trafficking, and recently helped secure paid family leave and medical leave for federal employees.

According to the report, during the televised interview, Ivanka Trump described her work on the files as “incomplete”, saying there was still a lot to complete.

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