Thursday, June 30, 2022

Kashmir issue: Trump calls Imran, Modi to ease the tensions


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

US President Donald Trump is reportedly in talks with the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian PM Modi on Monday, urging the two leaders to ease tensions over the Kashmir issue.

“I have already talked with my two best friends, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, on trade, strategic cooperation and most importantly for Pakistan and India to work together to reduce tensions in Kashmir.

“It’s a difficult situation, but the discussion goes well,” Trump said on Twitter.

On August 5, New Delhi repealed Article 370 of the Indian constitution giving special autonomy to Kashmir.

This led to Jammu and Kashmir being divided into two divisions and making it a unified territory, sparking a dispute with Pakistan.

The Modi-led government also restricts the movement of people in the region, and blocks internet and telephone services.

Pakistan and India each occupied a part of the Kashmir region since both countries gained independence in 1947.

Since then, there have been various clashes and two wars involving Pakistan and India, with the most recent being in February, when Pakistan shot Indian Airforce MiG and a helicopter intruding its air space, captured one of IAF pilot Abhinandan later he was released on humanitarian grounds by Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

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