Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Killer storm swallows 9 people in southern USA


Hailey Warner
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At least seven people were killed in the southern United States of America by a storm that caused devastation in several states, as the two-day storm killed three people in Louisiana and three others in Alabama and in Texas, and the Provincial Parish Office of Bossier, northwestern Louisiana, said that the hurricane after arriving in the area, the storm last night caused the souls of a married couple and destroyed their home.

The Sheriff’s office added that the storm moved their home from its original location for a distance of two hundred feet (61 meters). On Saturday afternoon, the storm caused a major blackout in tens of thousands of homes, according to the Alabama State Electricity Authority.

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Flood warnings and watches were in effect in many states the long line of storms is hitting. Strong, damaging winds are expected Saturday across the South.

Some storms could produce hail as big as small marbles. In last two days over 12 tornadoes were reported in number of states.

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