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Larry Kudlow: December 15 is an important date


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White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday that the Dec. 15 deadline is still in place for a new round of US tariffs due to take effect on Chinese goods, but President Donald Trump is satisfied with the course of trade talks with China.

“There is no arbitrary deadline in this context,” Kudlow, an American financial analyst and former television host serving as Director of the National Economic Council under President Donald Trump told local television. “But the fact remains that December 15 is an important date in terms of not proceeding or imposing fees. But the 15th of December is an important date”.

“President not yet ready to sign agreement with China” – Larry Kudlow

The phase one agreement between the world’s two largest economies was initially expected to be finalized in November before a new round of US tariffs, due to take effect on Dec. 15, involving Chinese goods worth about 156 billion dollars.

“In fact, they are constructive talks, almost daily talks, and we are in fact close”, Kudlow said, adding that Trump is basically satisfied with what he sees in the ongoing talks, but added that the president is not yet ready to sign any agreement with China.

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