Tuesday, November 30, 2021

McAleenan: Migrants’ Shock or Obama Fan?


Zain Zubair
Zain Zubair is a staff writer for World News Observer. He is studying ACCA in Pakistan. Besides Accountancy and writing pieces, he loves cooking and nature photography. Zain has attended various modern journalism workshops. Contact: [email protected]

United States Acting Secretary of Homeland Security presented a decree aimed at fundamentally reorganizing detention for illegal immigrants. Kevin McAleenan spoke quickly and kept looking at his manuscript. He was excited. For a month he had been waiting for this day.

The aim of the regulation was to abolish legal incentives for illegal border crossings. So far, tug-of-war gangs in Central America have been attracting people to parents for only a short time in US detention pending deportation; then they are reunited with their children and can wait at leisure for the outcome of their trial – sometimes up to five years. That will not happen in the future. “Families stay together”, he said, which meant, of course, that children were kept longer in custody.

McAleenan spends a lot of time describing the family facilities that hold the migrants in custody: there are three hot meals a day, with snacks every now and then. In addition, a common room with TV, video and board games. Also a classroom where the children would be taught five days a week. Outside, they could do sports.

It was McAleenan’s concern to correct the image he’d drawn in public: the image of the heartless homeland guard.

The occasion was reports of scandalous conditions in a temporary accommodation for unaccompanied minors in Texas. It is operated by the border protection authority “Customs and Border Protection”, in short CBP. Their leader was McAlennan, before President Donald Trump appointed provisional successor to Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen in the spring of this year.

“You think you are doing a good job, are not you?” began Cummings, “We’re doing our best,” McAleenan replied meekly before the Democrat interrupted him. “What does that mean?” The committee chairman shouted. “What does that mean when a child is in his dung? and can not shower. Come on, man! “The appearance of Cummings, African-American and longtime member of the troubled Baltimore, made Trump so angry that he later buttoned it on to Twitter: he would rather ensure order in his “rat-infested”constituency.

Trump’s relationship with Kevin McAleenan is quite ambivalent. He doubts his loyalty, though McAleenan is one of those cabinet members who have produced results. Once, when the president fathomed ways of making an immigration package with leading Democrats in the White House, he denied Nancy Pelosi, the opponent of the President in Congress, a crisis on the border with Mexico. Referring to McAleenan, who confirmed the situation, Trump underlined his credibility with the argument, “He’s an Obama man”.

Formally it is that. McAleenan, born 1971 in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a 9/11 generation official. Without the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, he would probably work in one of the major law firms in America. After studying law in Chicago, he worked as a lawyer in California. The attack on America changed everything. He applied to the FBI. However, he was recruited to help build the new authority CBP, which was created under the umbrella of the newly “Department of Homeland Security”.

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