Thursday, May 6, 2021

Melania Trump casts her ballot in Florida’s presidential election

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Hailey Warner
Hailey Warner
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US First Lady Melania Trump voted in the US presidential election in Florida.

President Trump had voted in the run-up to the election, and so did Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

On the other hand, hundreds of voters had lined up in front of the largest polling stations in New Hampshire since the early hours of Tuesday morning, in an indication of what is expected to be a record turnout.


Ryan Cronin arrived, at 4:50 am and finished third in the queue, and was hoping to beat the crowds and vote after he missed the turnout in 2016. He said that in the previous election, Trump was unknown, and he was not a supporter of Hillary Mellenon. This time, however, he was concerned about how the epidemic would affect the economy and how the Biden administration could impose a lockdown, so he felt the need to go in support of Trump.

While Lisa Kirkcaldy said, she feels compelled to vote, taking part for the first time in three decades. She is preparing to vote for Trump, noting that most of her Democratic friends see her as a bad person for her support for the president. And she continued, saying that Trump was good for the economy, noting that many people forget this, as her taxes have improved under his rule.

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