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Mexican police rescue 150 migrants hiding in a trailer without water and food


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

Mexican police have rescued 150 migrants who were hiding in a trailer without water and food for a long time. “The police stopped a truck loaded with vegetables for violating traffic laws,” Mexican authorities said.

The police said the truck was unloaded and 150 migrants from India, Guatemala, El Salvador and Ecuador were trying to cross the border. The police arrested the driver and it turned out the migrants who were without food and water for several days.

In a related context, the Mexican authorities last month deported 105 migrants from Honduras to their homeland. A few days earlier, 424 people were returned to Honduras, illegally entering Mexico in the hope of reaching the border with the states.

The President announced last month that the United States of America began the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, saying that this decision will include “Millions of illegal aliens who entered the United States illegally.

The US president has repeatedly accused his Democratic opponents of “failing to act on the issue of controlling immigration.

The US government says it is struggling to cope with the rising number of asylum seekers from Central American countries traveling through Mexico and earlier decided to cut off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras for what they call a failure to curb immigration waves.

Earlier this month, the US President Donald Trump wrote in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter  “If illegal immigrants are not satisfied with the conditions in the quickly built or refurbished detention centers, they should not come and all the problems will be solved”.

The twinkle followed weeks of reports on the difficult and dangerous conditions within the immigration cramped centers on the border.

A US congressional delegation earlier this week also visited border detention centers to come up with stories about separated families and water shortages, and migrants are required to drink from toilets.

Conditions in the centers deteriorated after the arrest of a large number of immigrants on the Mexican-American border.

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