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Michelle Obama beats Melania Trump, wins the First American Women’s Award


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Mrs. Michelle Obama, wife of former US President Barack Obama, won for the second time in a row the title of the most admired woman in the United States of America in a poll conducted by the Gallup Foundation, where the statistics of the annual poll conducted by the Foundation, which was released on Tuesday, showed that Obama was the most admired woman In the country for the second consecutive year with 10% of the written votes, while the current First Lady Melania Trump ranked second with 5%.

The New Gallup annual poll showed Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and Greta Thunberg received 3% of the vote, and Michelle Obama was chosen as the most admired woman in the world in July, according to a YouGov poll , overcoming Angelina Julie Winfrey and Queen Elizabeth II.

As for men, former President Barack Obama tied with his current counterpart Donald Trump on the “Most Admirable Men” list for 2019 in the same poll, Gallup has been doing it every year. Since 1948, Americans have been asked to choose the most impressive man and woman in the world.

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The results of this year were based on a Gallup poll conducted from December 2 to 15, and Michelle Obama won the title of the most impressive woman in the world in July 2019, in an annual study conducted by the company “YouGov” research and online surveys.

It should be noted that the memoirs of former First Lady Michelle Obama entitled “Becoming” were the highest percentage of bestsellers in 2018, and Obama may soon also be able to add the “Grammy” award to her autobiography, as she was nominated for the award for the best audio version expected to be awarded to her book “Becoming” too.

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