Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mueller announces to withdraw from his post


Zubair Yaqoob
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Special Investigator Robert Mueller has publicly expressed his views on the Russia investigations for the first time on Wednesday in the Ministry of Justice. In his statement, he said he “did not find enough evidence to sue for a broader conspiracy” regarding the Trump campaign. However, he could not conclude whether President Donald Trump had obstructed the judiciary.

“If we had been sure that the President obviously did not commit any crime, we would have said so,” said Mueller. At the same time, it was no legal option to prosecute an incumbent president for a crime, said the special investigator on. Most recently, the 448-page report had triggered violent party-political debates. The Democrats demanded that Mueller be heard in Congress. The Special Investigator, however, stated in his statement that he would not testify before the Congress, as he did not consider this “appropriate”. “The report is my statement,” said Mueller. The words were carefully chosen and there was nothing he could say beyond that. Mueller has repeatedly said that clear attempts have been made by Russia to influence the presidential election. This fact deserves the attention of all Americans.

The special investigator also announced that he plans no further public appearances on the subject and now withdraw from his post. His office will be officially closed. The statement announced at short notice caused surprise and was eagerly awaited. He himself made the decision to speak out publicly, explained Mueller.

Mueller’s investigation was the alleged interference of Moscow in the presidential election campaign of 2016. At the end of March, Mueller had completed his work and handed over a final report to Justice Secretary William Barr, which was published several weeks later – blackened in parts.

In it Mueller writes, there had been “numerous” contacts between Trump’s camp and representatives of Russia. Proof of a crime would not be available. In addition, Mueller’s team listed various attempts by Trump to influence the investigations. The investigators left open, however, whether Trump guilty of the judicial disability.

Many political struggles surround Mueller’s work. The Democrats are demanding that the Ministry of Justice hand over the complete Mueller report to the Congress without blackened passages, as well as the underlying evidence.

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