Friday, December 3, 2021

North Korean threats put America and South Korea on high alert


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South Korea and the United States are on high alert after threats by North Korea to give them gifts at Christmas, US news website ABC News reported on Tuesday.

The website showed that the US aviation authorities issued a high alert warning to commercial airlines earlier this month about the possibility of North Korea launching a long-range missile in the coming weeks.

“We warn against testing a long-range missile launch before the end of 2019, or early in 2020”, a statement by the US Federal Aviation Administration said, citing its analysis of northern threats.

The US website added that the South Korean and American authorities are on high alert this week for the possibility of North Korea testing a long-range missile.

For its part, North Korea indicated earlier that it might back down from its optional decision to halt nuclear and long-range ballistic missile tests if the United States submitted a new negotiating proposal before the end of the year to advance stalled nuclear talks.

Pyongyang also stated that the United States of America should choose the “Christmas gift” that you want.

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It is noteworthy that North Korea conducted two “important” tests at a satellite launch site earlier this month. The apparently two missile engine tests raised deep concern that Pyongyang was preparing to launch a long-range ballistic missile.

The website report pointed to the possibility that North Korea will test a solid fuel missile or a marine ballistic missile, adding that North Korea’s launch of a long-range missile will expose its relationship with China and Russia to tension, and will increase pressure on the American President and push him to take the hard road.

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