Thursday, December 2, 2021

Pelosi reminds the MPs of oath of the office


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The chair of the chamber, the democrat Nancy Pelosi, sent a circular email to all democratic MPs to attend the chamber plenary at this serious moment. “At this moment in our nation’s history, we must honor our oath to support our constitution and protect it from all foreign and domestic enemies”, she warned.

The House of Representatives is facing the decisive vote on the official opening of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The Chamber of Congress meets in Washington on Wednesday morning to debate the two charges against Trump and ultimately vote to initiate an impeachment process. Six hours are scheduled for the debate. Trump is the third president in US history to face such a vote.

Democrats accuse Trump of abuse of office and hindrance to Congress investigation. According to her, Trump should answer for this in impeachment proceedings in the Senate. Trump is said to have urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rival Joe Biden from the Democrats in order to influence the 2020 presidential election in his favor.

“Trump had written an angry letter to Pelosi, condemning her party’s impeachment efforts more sharply than ever”

The Democrats see it as proven that Trump has made a meeting with Zelensky in the White House and the release of military aid for Kiev dependent on the announcement of such investigations. When that came out, Trump had done everything he could to block the House investigation. Trump denies all of this.

With a majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats can officially open an impeachment procedure. The procedure itself – which resembles a legal process – is then carried out in the Senate. Trumps Republicans have the majority in this chamber of Congress.

A two-thirds majority, which would be necessary for Trump’s impeachment, is currently not foreseeable. Trump had written an angry letter to Pelosi on Tuesday condemning her party’s impeachment efforts more sharply than ever. Pelosi said she hadn’t read the letter, but she knew its key points. She described the letter as “very sick”.

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