Pentagon reviews possibility of armed militarization for commercial vessels in the Gulf

Pentagon reviews possibility of armed militarization for commercial vessels in the Gulf

The Pentagon on Thursday confirmed it was discussing the possibility of using military escort services for ships (militarization) in the Gulf, a day after Iran’s armed boat threatened a British tanker.

The White House’s principal candidate for Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley said Washington was trying to mobilize a co-operation involving the provision of military and naval escort services on commercial vessels.

“I think it will take a few more weeks,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Tensions in the Gulf have peaked over the last few weeks, with the Iranian economy increasingly plummeting after the resumption of economic sanctions by the United States after President Donald Trump withdraws from the 2015 international treaty to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

The situation made it difficult for Britain and other European allies to save the JCPOA 2015 nuclear agreement despite US withdrawing.

The Milley statement was made after London accused Tehran of sending three military vessels yesterday to restrict BP’s 274-foot boat trip, owned by the British Heritage company.

“We are impressed with this action and have urged Iranian authorities to reduce the rising tension,” Downing Street spokesman said.

Iran’s action against BP’s tanker was to counter Britain’s decision to seize the Iranian government’s Grace 1 tanker in Gibraltar on July 4. United States now reviewing armed militarization for commercial vessels in the Gulf.

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