Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Philadelphia shooting: 6 officers injured in Nicetown Tioga, Helicopters comb the scene


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Adil Ghaffar
Adil Ghaffar
The writer is Secretary General of PSX Brokers Association & Senior Tax Consultant. He can be reached at: [email protected]

Philadelphia: Six police officers were shot and wounded in the “Nicetown Tioga” area of ​​ Pennsylvania, US media reported Wednesday night.

The injured were rushed to hospital for first aid, police said, adding that the shooter was still alive and had not been arrested. Massive search is underway in Philadelphia.

The sources told the American channel that the chaos was widespread as officers were shooting, as police forces gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in an area that witnessed a shooting, according to the police announced through its Twitter account, asking the public to avoid approaching them.

Recently, the United States has witnessed numerous shooting incidents, in which dozens of Americans have been killed, amid growing demands for amending laws and regulations on civilian possession.

The United States leads the list of the top 10 countries in possession of weapons among its population, with every 100 people own about 120 firearms, followed by Yemen in second place with 52.8 weapons per 100 people, a big gap between the first and second places.

According to official statistics, US arms stores made 11 billion dollars in revenue last year. Arms and ammunition factories made $ 17 billion. This is only a small fraction of the revenue, most of which comes from the defense side of the equation: arms sales to the US government and foreign governments.

In the United States, the Republican and Democratic parties have a historic split over the interpretation of the constitution. The Second Amendment provides for the freedom to own weapons, a view that Democrats rightly see as confined to the constituent states of the United States and that the founding fathers of the United States wanted this. The right of the country as federal states, not an absolute right of individuals.

In contrast, Trump’s Republican Party, which is inclined to his ideas by some white nationalists, believes that possession and possession of an inherent right guaranteed by the Constitution to individuals, and Republicans voted on several occasions in Congress against any law that modifies the rules of possession of weapons.

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