Saturday, November 27, 2021

Philadelphia: SWAT team rescues two policemen, asks armed man to surrender


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
Mehboob Ali Shaikh is the Bureau Chief of World News Observer. Based in Canada, working with Toronto 360 TV. Mehboob has accomplished Years of experience in print and broadcast media. He is an active participant in Social media strategies, including Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

SWAT team managed to rescue two policemen trapped inside a house with an armed man following a shooting incident in the north of Philadelphia that injured six officers on Wednesday (local time).

The man was still inside the home with police trying to get him to surrender.

The SWAT team also helped remove the other suspects inside the house and detained them shortly after the raid.

According to police, the SWAT team began acting after five hours trying to negotiate with the man, injuring six police officers when they wanted to hand over a warrant for drug-related arrests at his home north of Philadelphia.

“Officers and several other suspects were inside the house with the armed shooter”, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said on Twitter.

All the injured were in stable condition at the hospital, said Ross.

“Many of them tried to escape through the windows and doors to avoid the counter fire,” Ross told a press conference.

The attackers continued firing at a SWAT truck located outside the Nicetown, Tioga neighborhood, Ross said.

Police have contacted the attackers using their phones, speakers and used the services of their family members to negotiate.

“We want him to volunteer”. Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

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