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Pompeo: Trump wants to reduce number of troops in Afghanistan before election 2020


Zubair Yaqoob
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that President Donald Trump wants to reduce the number of troops participating in combat in Afghanistan by the time of the next US election to provide a time frame for Washington’s plan to minimize the number of troops.

“This is the guidance I have from the president of the United States,” Pompeo told the Washington Economic Club when asked if he expected a reduction of US troops in Afghanistan ahead of the next election in November.

“It was very clear: put an end to the endless wars, reduce, it will not be limited to us, we hope that the general need for combat forces in the region, US Secretary of State said.

The comments will further speculate that Trump is ready to conclude any deal with the Taliban that would allow at least a partial withdrawal of US troops before US voters go to the ballot box regardless of Washington-backed government fears in Kabul.

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Pompeo expressed optimism about the ongoing negotiations with the Taliban to end the nearly 18-year-old war. “We want them to regain their country,” he said. “We want to reduce what is for US tens of billions of dollars of spending a year.

Steps planed by the Trump administration after the US citizens concerns on their tax money and the political gain for Donald Trump for his next tenure of US presidency.

During the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the meeting at White House, The US President Trump appreciated the efforts of Imran Khan  regarding his support for the peaceful solution of Afghanistan crises.

During the meeting with US President Donald Trump, the Pakistan Premier Khan said he will engage the tribesmen and the leaders who have the influence with Taliban leaders for the speedy process of Afghan peace.

Earlier, the spokesperson of Taliban rejected direct talks with Afghan government.

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