Thursday, June 24, 2021

Reports of Russian intervention supporting Trump in the US 2020 elections


Hailey Warner
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Informed sources reported that Shelby Pearson, the chief election security official in US intelligence, had warned lawmakers that Russian intelligence was taking steps to intervene in the 2020 presidential election to support incumbent President Donald Trump to win a second term.

In the same context, the New York Times published a briefing on the outlines of Russian interventions including arming social media, piracy and attacks on election infrastructure, and reports say Russia is trying to raise questions questioning the integrity of the electoral process in the United States as well as its support for Trump.

A White House official said that Trump expressed his anger during the meeting with Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire over the announcement of information related to Russian efforts to support him.


According to the report, the prospect of intervention in 2020 will test US defenses against foreign interference, which Trump has repeatedly denied, rejecting any hint of the Kremlin’s mother who had a role in winning the 2016 election.

The American Network said that Trump was disappointed when he learned that the press conference in which he announced Russian interventions was attended by the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, where Trump believed that Schiff Ali would use the information to try to undermine him during the coming months while he was nominating him for re-election.

It is noteworthy that US intelligence warnings of Russian interference in the elections have persisted since mid-2018 when Trump referred to the Russian intelligence force during his meeting with President Vladimir Putin in July of the same year, and last month the FBI director told the Senate Judicial Committee that Russia was still trying to intervene Through the Internet, with the aim of stirring division, discord, and mistrust of American democratic institutions.

Pearson herself was at the forefront of the issue of foreign interference in the 2020 elections, as senior officials sought to raise awareness about the nature of the threat that angered most American public opinion in 2016.

She told the NPRV newspaper: “The Russians are already involved in the influence processes for the candidates who will join the 2020 presidential race. But we have no evidence at this time that our opponents are directly looking to interfere in counting or counting votes.

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