Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rosenstein sought to isolate Trump using 25th amendment of US Constitution, McCabe unveils


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

In the storm of persistent statements, detailing tough days the United States witnessed in the early months of Donald Trump’s rule, the latest made a big noise after some senior law enforcement officials were thinking of toppling the president of the United States.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced that his committee would investigate Andrew McCabe’s allegations that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had raised the possibility of overthrowing the US president through Amendment 25 to the US Constitution.

In a televised interview on Sunday with a 60-minute program, Former FBI acting director McCabe said Rosenstein had raised the idea of ​​using Amendment 25 to topple Trump out of concern over the president’s ability and intentions at this time. He noted that the conversation took place in the difficult days following Trump’s dismissal of FBI director James Comey, who caused a political earthquake still echoed so far.

“McCabe,” said that “Rosenstein” was counted votes or possible votes among members of the government on what to overthrow “Trump.”

Article 25 of the Constitution allows the government to overthrow the president if he is not able to carry out his duties.

Graham said: “There are allegations by the FBI director at this time that the deputy justice minister was essentially trying to carry out an administrative coup and to remove the president through the amendment to the twenty-fifth.” He promised to hold a hearing by knowing what had actually happened and who was telling the truth.

One of the shocking details, revealed by McCabe, was that Rosenstein displayed a wire while he was in the White House in the context of a discussion about the reasons why Trump had set up Comey and his relationship with Russia.

“McCabe” that Rosenstein said he was never searched when he visits the White House and can easily put a recording device, and will not know the existence, “McCabe” Rosenstein “was not joking.

President Donald Trump commented on this information and said on Twitter that McCabe said many lies and had been sacked to lie. Now that his story is getting worse, Rod Rosenstein, appointed by Jeff Sessions, seems to be planning an illegal act. “Trump published in another press release a statement by Dan Bongino on Fox News saying that what happened was an illegal coup attempt against the president of the United States.

McCabe said he was sacked in March last year that he had opened two investigations on President Trump ten months earlier.

As far as Russia is concerned, he said Trump’s actions, such as his request to former FBI director James Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, and his dismissal of Comey had led to an anti-espionage investigation. The FBI reported an inappropriate relationship between the president and the biggest enemy of America, the Russian government.

McCabe’s comments also include Trump’s rejection of concerns about North Korean ballistic missiles because Russian President Vladimir Putin told him Pyongyang had no access to the United States.

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