Thursday, December 2, 2021

Santa Claus uses cocaine on a Christmas jacket, Walmart apologizes and cancels the sale


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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The American store chain, “Walmart”, published an official apology on Santa Claus jacket, after it posted on its website in Canada, a picture of a woolen jacket for sale on the occasion of Christmas, showing a drawing of “Santa Claus” and in front of it what appears to be lines of cocaine dope.

On the jacket there is a picture of Santa Claus, and in front of him 3 “strips” of white powder, in the same way that cocaine is placed before inhaling, and he wrote on it: “Let it snow”, and the comment accompanying the product on sale said: “We all know how the ice works. It is white And powder, and the best kinds of snow come from South America, “noting that this news” is bad for Santa, as he lives in the Arctic”.

Santa Claus is taking cocaine

And the American store chain website added, “For this reason, Santa Claus loves to take the opportunity when he has the best types of Colombian snow” – referring to drugs that come from Colombia – and immediately Walmart announced that it removed the offer of sale from its website, After the noise caused by the jacket.

The company spokesman said: “These sweaters, which are sold by a third party on Walmart Canada, do not represent the values ​​of Walmart, and they have no place on our website,” according to Sky News, on Tuesday.

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