Sunday, January 23, 2022

São Paulo: Nine killed in chaos during police raid in poor Paraisopolis


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At least nine were killed in the massacre and two others were injured early yesterday in a riot following a police raid on a poor settlement in São Paulo city.

Residents blame the police for causing panic, local media reported.

Among deceased were a woman, seven men and a 14-year-old boy, police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Emerson Massera said.

He said a 38-member military police unit launched operations south of the poor Paraisopolis area when two motorcyclists fired shots at authorities before fleeing toward a nearby street party, while firing shots, triggering a riot.

“São Paulo Paraisopolis neighborhood association condemned the police action”

He said 5,000 attended weekly street parties in the poorer districts of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

But the mother of the injured 17-year-old girl told the G1 website that the police should have been blamed.

She said police became the cause of the riot after closing the road, firing black pepper gas and using rubber bullets. “Police officers attacked my son with a glass bottle.

“When I saw my son, I didn’t recognize him. His face was frail, and he lost a lot of blood”, said the unwilling woman.

Globo television broadcast a video showing an individual being kicked by police, saying he was being shot by a resident.

The Paraisopolis neighborhood association condemned the police action.

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