Self proclaimed Venezuela President Guaido seeks contact with US military

In the ongoing conflict in Venezuela, the Self proclaimed president Juan Guaido now directly seeks contact with US military. An envoy was assigned to liaise with the United States Armed Forces.

The self-proclaimed interim president is looking for months of power struggle in Venezuela Juan Guaido direct contact with the American military. He had instructed his ambassador in Washington to make contact with the Latin American South Command of the US Armed Forces, Guaido said at a rally in Caracas on Saturday. He continues to seek dialogue with the Venezuelan armed forces.

Guaido had repeatedly suggested that under certain circumstances he would consider military intervention in Venezuela. The Constitution allows the opposition-controlled parliament to approve the deployment of foreign troops in the South American country. America’s president Donald Trump had repeatedly stressed that Venezuela had “all options on the table”. However, there is no concrete evidence of United States military intervention.

The commander of the US Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, had last shown himself ready to talk. “If Juan Guaido and the legitimate government of Venezuela invite me, I would like to discuss how we can support those officers of the Venezuelan armed forces who make the right decision and restore the constitutional order,” he wrote on Twitter.

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