Monday, August 2, 2021

Senior US military command refuses to attend Independence Day ceremony


Zubair Yaqoob
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Senior US military commanders refused to participate in the military parade held on the occasion of the United States Independence Day in a move considered “contempt” for US President Donald Trump, the Russia Daily reported, quoting The Times of America.

“The Pentagon justified the absence of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Commanders from Trump’s speech, arguing that“.

The ceremony was attended by Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chief of Staff General Joseph Francis Dunford Jr, while senior members of the US Supreme Military Council were absent..


The US Department of Defense distributed 5,000 invitation cards to attend the parade on Pentagon personnel, but only 800 were present.

The newspaper reported that US military commanders described Trump’s July 4 ceremony in Palmis as saying that “Trump’s use of US armed forces is an integral part of his presidential campaign”” paper said.

The Times reported that Trump, who delivered a speech on the Lincoln Memorial plaza, “violated tradition and defied the non-political nature of the national occasion” newspaper said.

CNBC estimated the cost of the ceremony at $ 94 million. While the White House declined to give details of the cost of the review, Trump said it was “very little compared to what it deserves, we own the aircraft, we have pilots and airports, everything we need its mechanism is fuel“.

Trump has expressed his desire to organize a military parade in Washington, such as the Bastille celebrations in Paris in 2017, alongside his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

Earlier, the US Defense Department official said the number of military personnel participated in the US Independence Day celebration under the slogan “Greetings to America” ​​ranges from 750 to 800.

The CNN reported, that this number does not include hundreds of other National Guard working to facilitate traffic and control the security situation in the streets of Washington, DC during the Independence Day activities.

On the other hand, the network indicated that about 100 flights to and from Ronald Reagan National Airport will be affected by the activities and activities of the American Independence Day.

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