Monday, August 15, 2022

Temperatures in Washington break records during October


Sajid Aziz
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Temperatures in Washington on Wednesday broke records in October. According to The Hill the temperature measuring devices in the city exceeded its readings, on Wednesday noon, 36 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in the city in October since October 5, 1941, when the temperature was 35.5 degrees.

Wednesday’s temperature also surpassed the highest temperature recorded since October 2, 1986.

Temperatures surpassed previous records in Baltimore and Dulles, adjacent to the capital, Maryland, where temperatures were 35 and 33.8 degrees Celsius, respectively.

The newspaper pointed out that last September is the third in the list of the hottest months of September in the history of the United States, while last summer from June to August is the seventh hottest summer in the history of the country, noting that the recording of temperatures in the United States began in 1872.

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