Thursday, July 7, 2022

Texas chemical plant explodes, three injured


Hailey Warner
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An explosion at a chemical plant in Texas earlier today caused a large fireball to appear in the sky, according to reports and eyewitness accounts, leading to the evacuation order and leaving at least three employees injured.

Dramatic videos and pictures shared on social media showed a huge explosion, with one resident describing him waking up as he heard loud explosions and fragments of glass around him.

Ryan Mathewson, who lives just two minutes from the chemical plant in Port Neches, near Houston, said: “We got up and found the glass scattered and some ceiling collapsed and the doors flown”.

Mathewson, 25, said he and his family were shocked and scared following the blast.

Judge Jeff Branik told local news site KFDM News that no deaths were reported and only three people were injured.

At least three people were taken to the hospital, Office spokeswoman Sheriff Jefferson told local media.

“Please note that there is a mandatory evacuation of everyone within 0.8 kilometers of TPC plant in Port Neches”, the fire official said in a post on the Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page.

TPC Group, which operates the chemical plant, said the explosion occurred in what was called a ‘processing unit’ at about 1.00am local time.

TPC Group activated the Emergency Response Plan and sought assistance from the Port Neches and Huntsman Fire Department.

“The situation is ongoing but managed as quickly as possible and is safe”, the statement said.

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