Friday, October 7, 2022

Time Square turns into Ghost Square after stores closes in New York, fearing Corona


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Time Square is known as New York City’s, USA, as one of the sleeping areas, which usually attracts more than 330,000 visitors daily, as it has become completely deserted after the city is completely closed, which includes theaters and restaurants with the aim of preventing the deadly coronavirus.

Cafés, bars, and cinemas have been closed since yesterday at 8 pm on Monday, where officials are making strict arrangements and steps to stop or slow the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Time Square - Coronavirus

The pictures showed one of the most famous tourist attractions, a great calm with a few people walking in the streets, and this square is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is usually packed with visitors and local residents, where the number of visitors in some days can reach about 450 A thousand people.

The authorities in New York City warned residents not to go out, like many Americans in all other states, to stay in their homes and avoid large crowds and mass gatherings as possible, as the confirmed cases of her deadly coronavirus in the United States of America exceeded 4,600 cases, and the death of more than 80 Case, while globally 182 thousand cases and more than 7100 deaths.

It is noteworthy that Bill de Palacio, Mayor of New York City, issued a decision to close all bars and restaurants that witness a large presence of visitors, in New York City on Sunday evening, where restaurants are now limited to external orders and delivery only.

On the other hand, many states throughout the United States were beginning to close bars, restaurants, cinemas, and gyms, as cities like New York and San Francisco turned into ghost cities.

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