Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Top Five points in the accusations leveled against Trump


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The Democrats charged accusations against incumbent US President Donald Trump in the Ukraine affairs.

How strong are the allegations against Trump?

The decision to submit only two articles of the charges against Trump raised hopes among Democrats smoothly in the procedures once they reach the House of Representatives to vote, and some areas with strong support from Trump face a political risk in obtaining votes. The exclusion from the charges related to Trump’s behavior outside the Ukraine scheme The tribulation could make it easier for these Democrats to support isolation.

What was included in the articles

The two articles that will be voted on this week by the House Judicial Committee, abuse of power and congressional obstruction, were seen as the most obvious options by most constitutional scholars and legal observers.

The abuse of power article is attributed to “exercising the authority of his public office to obtain improper personal benefit while ignoring or harming the public interest,” while a congressional article referred to what Democrats described as “an unprecedented, unequivocal and indiscriminate challenge to the investigation.”

Democrats also accuse Trump of withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for announcing the start of investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, his political rival, which Trump denied.

Excluded from articles of the charges against Trump

Democrats have been studying a range of potential articles that they did not use especially those related to Trump’s efforts to attract adviser Robert Mueller’s investigation. Likewise, charges related to civil rights violations, waste of public money and the serial misleading of the public, and efforts to achieve personal benefit through the presidential office were ignored.

Responding to criticism on Tuesday that their case against Trump was not sufficiently punitive, Democrats have presented the abuse of the power charge as the main point of a wide range of Trump misconduct that has been disputed in office.

Historical 4 day

Despite his mother, lawsuits have been filed against 11 former Presidents in the House of Representatives, but only three former Presidents have faced isolation measures taken by the entire lower house.

What will happen next?

Democrats said they plan to vote on accountability materials later this week, with a full vote on the House of Representatives next week before the December 20 holiday. At this point, Trump will be removed and sometime in the new year, the Republican-controlled Senate will hold a trial over Trump’s presence in office, which is unlikely.

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