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Troubled Tesla: 32 executive directors left the company since January 2018

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Sajid Aziz
Sajid Aziz
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Tesla, recently announced that Chief Technology Officer “JB Straubel” will step down and become an adviser to the company.

In recent years, many senior employees have been deported, possibly due to the fact that the electric car company has experienced production and delivery problems.

It is reported that JB Straubel joined Tesla in 2004, one year after the company was founded. BI reviews the list of managers who left Tesla and announced their departure since 2018.


January 2018 Jason Mendez, Director of Manufacturing Engineering.

January 2018 Will McCall, Director of Equipment Engineering.

February 2018 Jon McNeill, Head of Sales and Global Services.

March 2018 Eric Branderiz, Senior Accounting Officer.

March 2018 Susan Ribo, Treasurer and Vice President of Finance.

April 2018 Jim Keller, Head of Hardware Engineering at Autopilot.

April 2018 George Ell, Director of Western European Operations.

May 2018 Matthew Shawl, Field Performance Engineering Manager.

July 2018 Ganesh Srivats, Vice President who oversees retail, delivery and marketing.

September 2018 Sarah O’Brien, Vice President of Communications.

September 2018 gabrielle toledano, Chief of Staff.

September 2018 Dave Morton, Chief Accounting Officer.

September 2018 Liam O’Connor, Vice President, Global Supply Management.

September 2018 Antoin Abou Haydar, Senior Production and Quality Manager.

October 2018 Justin McAnear, Vice President of Finance and Operations Worldwide.

November 2018 Phil Rothenberg, Vice President, Law Section.

November 2018 Jeff Jones, President of Global Security.

November 2018 Dan Kim, Chief Sales, Marketing and Global Delivery Manager.

December 2018 Aaron Chiu, Investor Relations Manager.

January 2019 Todd Maroun, General Counsel.

January 2019 Charles Mwangi, Senior Manager of Engineering

February 2019 Cindy Nicola, Vice President of Global Recruitment

February 2019 Dane Butswinkas, General Counsel

March 2019 Deepak Ahuja, financial director.

March 2019 – Praveen Arichandran, Director of Growth.

April 2011 Karl Wagner, Senior Director of Global Security.

May 2019 Dave Arnold, Senior Director Global Communications.

June 2019 Felicia Mayo, Vice President of Human Resources and Chairman of Diversity.

June 2019 Peter Hochholdinger , Vice president of production.

June 2019 Steve McManus, Vice President of Internal and External Engineering

July 2019 – Jan Oehmike, Vice President Tesla Europe

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