Thursday, June 24, 2021

Trump: 180 million Americans would miss health care plans if Biden came to power


Hailey Warner
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US President Donald Trump did not stop attacking his rival in the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, sending a message to Americans, confirming that 180 million people would lose their health care plans if Biden wins the election.

Trump said through his official account on Twitter in his message to Americans: “The massive increases in Biden’s taxes and regulations will destroy everything that I have built! In addition, 180 million people will lose their private healthcare plans.”


In another tweet, Trump said through his official account via Twitter: “Remember that Biden will raise your taxes to a level never seen before. This will not only be very expensive for you, but it will destroy our economy, which is returning very quickly.”

On the other hand, the US President called on Attorney General William Barr to open an investigation into the corruption files of his presidential rival, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, just two weeks before the US presidential elections. “We have to get the attorney general to act,” Trump said in a telephone interview on Fox and Friends on Fox News, when asked whether a special attorney general should be appointed to investigate allegations against Hunter Biden.

“The attorney general has to act quickly. He has to appoint someone,” Trump added, saying it should be done before the November 3 elections.

President Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to investigate a number of his political opponents before the election, including former President Barack Obama and Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, in addition to Biden.

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