Friday, July 1, 2022

Trump Administration to remove exemptions that allow Iran to operate civilian nuclear program


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

The administration of President Donald Trump is considering a resolution to remove exemptions that allow Iran to operate a civilian nuclear program with international assistance, a move that would dismantle one of the main pillars of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, US officials said on Saturday.

The NBC website said that the Trump administration was engaged in an internal discussion on the decision that, if taken, could lead to the derailment of Iran’s nuclear deal, which has been at risk since Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from him last year, a US official said.

Trump’s consultations coincide with growing tensions between Iran and the United States, along with a series of incidents in the Persian Gulf, including the downing of a US drone, an unmanned Iranian drone, attacks on oil tankers, and finally Tehran’s seizure of two oil tankers on Friday.

The European governments have urged the Trump administration not to cancel exemptions for Iran’s civilian nuclear program, fearing that the move could completely destroy the already fragile agreement and trigger a series of escalation with Iran in its confrontation with the United States.

He explained that the exemptions allow Iran to receive assistance from the signatories of the nuclear agreement to operate several atomic sites producing nuclear energy for civilian purposes, including the adaptation of a heavy water reactor at Arak and the conversion of a former uranium enrichment facility at Fordow to a research center for medical isotopes.

The site pointed out that the Trump administration in May, renewed the exemptions for 90 days, after the issuance of those exemptions in 180 days in the past, pointing out that the US State Department justified the exemptions originally as a way to prevent Iran from seeking to work on nuclear weapons.

The website noted that opponents of the nuclear deal in Congress, led by Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Tom Cotton, have been pushing the White House for some time to cancel the exemptions, citing their recent moves as evidence that they can not be trusted and should not receive international assistance In nuclear activities.

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